DigiRak differs from any average marketing company in the sense that we use results generated from online sources. In recent times, older advertisement methods have significantly been decreased. Some examples of conventional media used for marketing and advertisement are television and radio commercials, and other media such as magazines and newspapers. Our entire team of consultants, developers, and expert strategists form a panel and work towards compiling results that can be quantified. Our team is responsible for the success of a digital marketing agency that is able to help develop your brand and creating a lead-generating engine.

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What DigiRak Does:

1.      Improve Business Marketing

A business needs an efficient and reliable digital marketing agency to take over the marketing responsibility entirely. A digital marketing agency should have business expertise that would allow them to analyze and evaluate your product’s or brand’s requirements. They would then be expected to set up a strong marketing strategy that would, in turn, maximize the business’s profits. This is exactly what we at DigiRak do.

In addition to this, we also increase the business’s overall productivity and efficiency. We are able to establish objective and goals that are realistic and relatively easily achievable. However, in order to reach a certain level of efficiency, the first step is to recognize the targeted audience or market. Our digital marketing agency is able to pinpoint the exact kind of potential buyer and carefully study their purchasing pathway.

2.      Business Email Hosting

A business email is needed to ensure that a brand identity is established along with its credibility.

Even in the era of social and other digital media, emails are still of significant importance. Many successful businesses still use email ids to perform important business operations. A business may use email-hosting services such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc., but these free email-hosting services end with an extension and do not give them the feel or other advantages of a professional email ID.

Some advantages of getting a business email hosting service are:

  • Cost Effective:

There are a lot more benefits to having an email hosting service as compared to the price one has to pay for the service.

  • Professional Communication Path:

Communication via an email host is more professional. Whether it be communication within the business staff and employees or with the business and customers, communication with a custom email host is more effective and given more seriousness. Also, it doesn’t send a good impression when a customer is contacted through a free email account.

3.      Economy Hosting

We offer server-level management in addition to application level management for companies who chose to opt for our website hosting packages.

In application-level management, we are able to perform more complex actions such as website backups. An example of application-level management is managing WordPress hosting plans.

Server level management involves fixing bugs in the operating system, clearing malware, and other day-to-day operations needed to be performed to keep the website running smoothly.

4.      Reseller Web Hosting

Moreover, DigiRak also provides a reseller web hosting service. A reseller hosting is a type of web hosting where the owner of the account is able to host websites for third parties, by using their allotted bandwidth and hard drive space on the server.

The reseller is able to buy a service package from the host and then provide them to customers, and maybe generate a profit.

Put your trust in DigiRak and let us handle your marketing with expertise.