Emails are one of the highly important ways of communication in the business world, despite the advancements in the digital world or social media. The exchange of thousands of emails takes place in businesses daily for the smooth running of crucial functions. With the increasing trend of business emails, many organizations use free email hosting services such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail. They do not have the advantages of having professional email IDs, due to which they require business email hosting.

What does Business Email Hosting mean?

An email specifically used for business purposes is a business email. It comprises the name of the company, for example, [email protected]. Any employee to whom such professional email ID is referring becomes responsible and acts on behalf of that particular company. Using these business emails is also a means of advertising the company because the company’s name stays prominent in every communication made by the employees. Business email hosting provides several advantages, which are as follow:

What are the benefits of Business Email Hosting in Karachi?

Many web hosting services in Karachi help businesses to make their communication more professionally and to increase the value of their brands. When one uses the business domain name with the professional email account, it provides credibility to the business with enhanced customers’ trust.

Here are some of the benefits of business email hosting:

A more Professional Communication style

With the help of business emails, any business can make communication both internally with the employees or externally with the stakeholders and customers more professional way. A business proposal sent to the prospective customer through business email appears to be more persuasive and attractive, as compared to that sent through a free email account.


Currently, affordable and cheap web hosting is becoming common in Karachi. It costs nothing in establishing business email accounts when you compared it with the benefits they offer. Investment in business emails is a worthless expense by many businesses. However, they realize the true worth of their money when they see the benefits and advantages of using these email accounts. The Digirak provides you various affordable and cost-effective web hosting services for your businesses in Karachi.

Storage Capacity

Most of the service providers customize the storage capacity of the business emails according to the specific requirements of the customers. Thus, customers can enjoy their customized emails, which fulfill the needs of their businesses.


People usually trust a business email account more than a free email ID. The Business email account always refers to the company or business’s domain name, which is also associated with its web hosting account. The customers who wish to take benefit from its services can easily recognize the domain name or the website address of the company. On the other hand, people take it seriously or consider it fake when an anonymous email address sends out the emails. This largely reduces the trust factor.

White-Label Business Email Hosting

With the help of white-label email hosting, the business can use its brand name on the email account. Many businesses do not want to show the name of the service provider to their customers, so they opt for a white-label email hosting solution. It will make sure to not reveal the identity of the service provider and allow the customers to mention the company’s brand name in their emails.

How the Digirak Plays its Role in Business Email Hosting in Karachi?

Digirak, the digital company currently running in Karachi, can provide you conceptual logos in high quality and corporate profiles. The company can design brochures and flyers for different businesses. Moreover, along with a commitment to top-level customer service, they also offer all kinds of web hosting services and graphic designing services.

In business email hosting services, they offer various plans and pricing.

Business Gold (PKR 8000/year)

The business good plan offers you the following benefits:

5GB Webspace, free site building tools, 50 email accounts, 2 MySQL Databases, 50GB Bandwidth monthly, weekly backup of all data, and 99.9% service uptime.

Business Platinum (PKR 15000/year)

10GB Webspace, free site building tools, 100 email accounts, 2 MySQL Databases, 100GB Bandwidth monthly, weekly backup of all data, and 99.9% service uptime.

Business Diamond (PKR 25000/year)

20GB Webspace, free site building tools, unlimited email accounts, 20 MySQL Databases, 200GB Bandwidth monthly, weekly backup of all data and 99.9% service uptime.

Business 50GB (PKR 45000/year)

50GB Webspace, free site building tools, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL Databases, 500GB Bandwidth monthly, weekly backup of all data and 99.9% service uptime.

Business 100GB (PKR 65000/year)

100GB Webspace, free site building tools, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL Databases, 1000GB Bandwidth monthly, weekly backup of all data and 99.9% service uptime.

All these business email-hosting plans also include the following advantages:

Single Domain Hosting:

The business can host one single domain only from each account.

Control Panel:

Digirak offers the renowned cPanel, an online Linux-based graphical interface. It facilitates controlling and publishing websites, creates email accounts, organizes web documents, and manage domains.

Best Support:

The supportive team in Digirak tackles all the problems in your business and provides the best solutions against them.

MySQL Database:

Every shared account has the updated version of the MySQL database management system.

SSL Certificate:

All Digirak business hosting plans are associated with free SSL certificates.

One-Click Installation:

All packages of Digirak are just one click away from the installation.

Free Migration of Data:

CPanel will allow you to move your files, emails, and databases freely.


CSF and BitNinja firewall security services keep all servers secure and protected.

Thus, DigiRAK is a unique marketing company that utilizes and generates results from online sources. If you need business email hosting in Karachi, you can always get in touch with us.

New methods and technologies are replacing the older methods of marketing and advertisement such as televisions, radios, magazines, and newspapers. DigiRak is putting its utmost efforts to develop such a digital agency that helps businesses to prosper their brands.