Are you looking for a company that offers cheap domain and web hosting in Pakistan?

DIGIRAK is a Pakistan based platform, which offers secure storage space to users for hosting their websites and applications. Here you can build your own websites at very reasonable prices.

Considering the fundamental queries and requirements of starters, a website provides users a reliable space to run their business smoothly and securely. Our goal at DigiRak is to facilitate users with cheap domain and web hosting in Pakistan, as it is quite rare.

We offer good deals for affordable web hosting services. Other than being economical, we have servers that own a strong security system. This kind of security system will protect vulnerable accounts. Security is a requisite thing in the digital world. Account users have a higher risk of losing data but it claims brute surveillance with a seven-day refund scheme. Its security system is highly efficient and up to date.

Best Hosting Services

The prime objective of its server is to accommodate users. We do this through auto-updates, account isolation, auto-installer, and daily backups. Auto-updates keep the account protected from any hacks or bugs. Weak accounts have an isolated protection shield. Daily backups provide a check and balance of daily data input or output. We provide all these services.

Furthermore, users can access it via their email address. Our web hosting system is a well-configured system. It makes it pretty simple and accessible for our users. Server level protection saves account from external attacks. It also has an experienced support staff to facilitate users in case of any complexity.

Cheap Domain and Web Hosting in Pakistan

In Pakistan, it is very difficult to find a cheap and sustainable server host for this purpose. People mostly buy or lean towards servers of other countries that have stabilized connection and security. In Pakistan, few digital companies are inviting users but their packages are expensive.

Keeping all these observations in view, DIGIRAK is the only company, which has half-price rates. It not only has affordable web hosting packages but it also provides efficacious results in a safer environment.

A beginner seeks a cheap domain with all essentialities. For this purpose, we are offering very affordable domain rates. Our packages have a minimum starting range. These factors help users in establishing their trust and work more reliably.

Types of Web Hosting

There are certain kinds of web hosting and domains that exist. These include shared hosting, reseller hosting, business hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. All web-hosting platforms possess these but packages vary.

DIGIRAK stands out above all these as we have packages that are more reasonable. Like, the shared hosting package varies and has different levels. The charges for platinum level are Rs2000/yr. and for Diamond, the level is Rs6000/yr.

The Platinum level has 2 GB space whereas Diamond has 5 GB in it providing access to 10 email accounts instead of 6. Shared hosting is for individuals and small businesses. Other types are mostly for collective working.

Similarly, the dedicated hosting supports swift internet with a separate server. It has multiple domains hosting in it. It keeps the server protected and up to date. Like in all other types of hosting, it has access to premium support.

Get Your Own Domain

We allow the user to register their domain at a nominal price. Simply tell check its availability and get on with buying it.

At our low prices, users procure proper protection and locking of the domain as well. Various domains like .com, .net, .org, etc. exist. The packages of these differ respectively.

Advanced DNS (Domain Name System) control is for domains and the owner possesses complete authority. The prices of already existing domains vary and it has a multi-year registration process.

If you want to transfer your domain to DigiRak for a better experience, then it is possible for a small fee.

Other Services

At DigiRak, we not only serve the purpose of web hosting but we also offer other services such as graphic design, website development, Search engine optimization, and social network marketing and optimization take place under this. These services promote your brand and aid your agency-procuring in customers online. These services are also economical like cheap domain and web hosting in Pakistan.

Furthermore, it also offers designing packages in the graphics section and suggests good deals for logos and other designs. Similarly, in other sections like SEO, it has many more to offer such as complete analysis of writings, detailed checking, and plagiarism detection.

Why Should One Choose DIGIRAK?

In summary, we are the best choice because we offer all the services you need for online marketing at a much cheaper price. Unlike other hosting and online marketing agencies, we do not hinder your progress but ensure its smooth progress to the top. We do not use weak servers and out-dated techniques – but we use the best you can find to ensure your website and data is safe online. No virus threats, no risk of hacking, and no risk of losing valuable information in your business.

To avoid unnecessary hassles, one should go for DIGIRAK. The first and foremost thing we offer cheap domains and web hosting in Pakistan specifically.

For Pakistani users, it is the right decision to host their accounts and websites at affordable prices rather than looking for exorbitant servers and hosts. We not only ensure managing a secure system but also are the only place you can get a cheap domain and web hosting in Pakistan. We have configured servers that make things run smoother dexterously.

Selecting DigiRak for your web hosting needs will boost your business growth eventually. Other than that, we have more space to offer for the storage of data.

For more information, get in touch with us.